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You are here: Gaza Hamas mourns the founder of Justice and Charity movement Abdessalam Yassine

Hamas mourns the founder of Justice and Charity movement Abdessalam Yassine

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plf_charityGAZA, The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas mourned Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine, Moroccan Islamist leader and founder of the 'Adl wa'l-Ihsan

(Justice and Charity) movement, who died on Thursday at age 85.The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, expressed in a statement its sincere sympathies and condolences to the Maroccan Kingdom and people and the Justice and Charity movement in Morocco for its founder's death, the great struggler Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine, May God have mercy on him.

It is noted that Sheikh Yassin passed away on Thursday morning in the capital city of Rabat, at the age of nearly 85 years, "he spent his life in the service of Islamic thought and advocacy, and the causes of the Islamic Ummah, especially the Palestinian cause."Abdessalam Yassine, founder of the Adl wal Ihsan movement (Justice and Charity), "has returned to God," the organization's guiding council said on its website. It added that the funeral will be held following Friday prayers at the capital Rabat's main mosque.

Source : Palestine Info Center

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