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Administrator » 6pm - Aug 28, 2011

Al-Quds 2011 Media Coverage

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Obama may act against Israel's interests before leaving office: Netanyahu
Israeli navy detains all-female crew of Gaza Freedom Flotilla in Givon prison
We won’t ‘sit idly by’ as Israel continues to strike Gaza: Hamas
Palestinians censured Israeli 'aggression' after Gaza aid ship seized
We closely monitoring the detention of the Zaytouna boat: Malaysia
Israeli navy on way to hijack Gaza-Bound Women’s Boat
PA suspends municipal polls amid differences with Hamas
Italian government grants one million euros in aid for Gaza
More efforts needed to quell anti-occupation activism on Facebook: Israel
Holding elections in the West Bank politicized: Factions
Israeli forces rolls into Nablus, imposes security cordon
Israeli authority forced Palestinian to raze home in Jerusalem